I started meditating in 2006. As I come from an academic background (I hold a PhD in philosophy and have taught this subject in University), my mind was very busy—too busy. Mindfulness allowed me to let go of unnecessary thoughts, of negative emotions feedback loops. After several silent retreats, and as I was becoming a little bit obsessed with mindfulness, I decided to take the teacher training at the Mindfulness Training Institute with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman.

My approach to meditation is a practical one. I teach applicable tools that can be integrated in your every day life.


I am very passionate about sharing these simple yet life-changing techniques, which allow us to gain freedom and ease in the face of difficulty. The challenges of life don't disappear, but the way we tend to them changes: we switch from reactivity to response, from resistance to ease, from absence to presence. 

Classes are open to all.


Mindfulness Training Institute (UK/US)

Mindfulness Teacher Training. I am a certified teacher from the MTI, an organization accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Mindfulness Training Institute (UK/US)

Training retreat on the Brahma Viharas (the qualities of the heart) with Martin Aylward & Mark Coleman

InsightLA (Los Angeles)

Six-week introductory course to the basics of mindfulness meditation with Celeste Young.

Centre Triratna (Paris)

A six-week introduction to Buddhism & meditation. 

Retreats & mentoring

Dharma Punx NYC, US

Mentoring with Josh Korda



Centre Kalachakra, France

4 day retreat with the Triratna Buddhist center

Moulin de ChavesFrance

6 day silent retreat with Martin Aylward

6 day silent retreat with Noah Levine

Village des Pruniers, France

7 day retreat