mindfulness meditation

By practicing mindfulness meditation, we train our attention to come back to the present moment, freeing ourselves from the habits of mind that hinder our ease, responsiveness, and wellbeing. 


We learn to cultivate an open, curious and caring awareness. This allows us to switch from reaction to response, from absence to presence, from resistance to ease. 


Scientific research has shown that mindfulness meditation can: 

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  • lead to more focus

  • promote resilience 

  • Improve relationships


Once a week, we sit together and practice mindfulness meditation. The classes are part of a six-week introduction to the foundations of mindfulness, but can also be attended as drop-in classes. 

All are welcome.

No previous practice of mindfulness required.


Une fois par semaine, on se retrouve pour méditer ensemble. Je vous présente rapidement la pratique, son histoire, ses bénéfices, puis je vous guide pour méditer. A la fin on partage si on a envie de partager.